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The Empress Gardens & Lawn

Unwind with a leisurely stroll through our famous flower- filled grounds, lined with blooming beds flitting with butterflies and well-manicured greenery, maintained year-round by our hardworking gardening team. The Empress front lawns are the most photographed in Victoria — also the site of our annual Veuve Cliquot Garden Party. In spring, the bright tulips waving in the breeze are nothing short of dazzling, and in summer, our fragrant Rose Garden is a guest favourite. Enjoy fresh, aromatic herbs and honey flavouring our menu dishes and craft cocktails, harvested from The Empress rooftop garden, which houses a sizable honeybee colony.

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Butterfly Gardens

A lush, indoor tropical garden where the flowers are always blooming and the butterflies are always flying.
Gardens & Parks
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Parks Guide

Victoria is home to dozens of gardens and provincial, regional and municipal parks, including some of the most famous in Canada.
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Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo opened its doors in 1997 and has been showing visitors of downtown Victoria our awe-inspiring bugs ever since.